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Material Analysis

Nanoscale tools at your fingertips

Innovate with nanoscale tools

Material Analysis Services

We help organizations to solve their materials science problems through access to micro and nanoscale science tools. Our goal is to empower companies and applied research groups to fulfill their missions through custom designed state-of-the-art material analysis and testing solutions.

We offer material testing and analysis covering more than 25 different micro and nanoscale characterization technologies

Variety of services from measurement and provision of data only to full consulting

Our clients save more than 30% when compared to any other analytical lab

Tell us about your project


• Measurement and provision of data only
• Measurement and analysis
• Full material properties, composition, and structural characterization
• Technology knowledge transfer and training
• Development of educational contents and curriculum
• Consulting
• Development of collaborative projects
• Access to a wide network of material analysis resources
• Periodic quality control analysis
• Failure analysis
• Contamination detection
• Forensic science
• Surface Analysis
• Particle size analysis

Manufacturers we represent

• Nanosurf: Premier Swiss manufacturers of Atomic Force Microscopes

• Nanosensors: The World Leader in Scanning Probes

• Santa Barbara Imaging: Powerful and cost effective microscope systems and spectrometers

• Nano World: Swiss manufacturer of the highest quality AFM Probes

• Adama Innovations: Diamond probes for ultimate strength and resolution

Nanosurf's CoreAFM: The essence of AFM