Applied nanoSolutions | Knowledge & Training
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Knowledge & Training

Knowledge to solve your needs and grow your in-house expertise

• Training is modular: fulfill both short and long term technology transfer needs
• Courses are project-based: user’s samples and application will be used in the practical sessions.
• Training bridges industry needs with emerging nanoscale material analysis and characterization.

Why invest in knowledge transfer and training for nanoscale material analysis

The pace of change in nanoscale material properties characterization is accelerating in an increasingly complex and interconnected nanotechnology world. This means equipping more people, including young researchers and emerging academic groups, with the skillset and the connection to the world's needs for new technology. This is so that they can contribute solutions and effectively solve problems at whatever scale is needed.

Courses at our facility

Inquire about our in-house capabilities.

Request On-Site Training

Our experts will customized the training your team needs and will come to your facility.

Strategic Partnertships

Our strategic initiatives focus on setting in motion people and resources that will bring know-how where everyone participating contributes to practical research objectives. Working in partnership with academic institutions, industry and citizen sector players, we aim to create large-scale innovation in the way nanoscale science tools are used to generate social and economic value.