Applied nanoSolutions | Guidance & Consulting
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Guidance & Consulting

Maximizing impact of material analysis

We offer consulting in a wide range of material analysis, microscopy, and nanotechnology applications to advance your projects, from research and development to failure analysis.

Navigate with ease through a sea of techniques

Our mission is to facilitate advancing your research and invention through maximizing the use of nanotechnology material characterization techniques. Whether you understand well the role of nanotechnology characterization tools in your research and would like to execute test and analysis or are searching for paths to incorporate nanotechnology into innovation for new or existing products, our experts will draw together a roadmap for the solution being sought and collaborate each step of the way.

Our clients

Industries and research relevant to our consulting services include electronics, healthcare, medicine, pharmaceutical, energy, battery and energy storage, food industry, cancer research, chemical and consumer products, metrology and instrumentation, photonics, materials, construction, and transportation.

Partner Network

Our experts have deep and diverse experience in multidisciplinary, application-oriented research and development. With that experience, comes both the big picture of how product driven solutions are obtained as well as the detailed-oriented problem-solving involved in material characterization and analysis.

Benefits: Time to results that matter

Insight into the analysis and interpretation of measurements stem from years of experience combining different methodologies and adapting new ones to solve new problems. We excel planing a map to results with our clients so that what matters is their bottom line within their budget